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Star Gems iOS版v2.8.2

Star Gems iOS版v2.8.2

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Star Gems最新版v4.1更新说明

Maintenance update to support latest devices.
Minor bug fixes.
如发现版本老旧,欢迎邮件反馈toususpam#liqucn(dot)com,或移步Star Gems官网下载最新版

Star Gems iOS版介绍

Star Gems,一般又称星宝石。 Blast aliens before they get into outer space!
Star Gems is no like other star popping games.
It is a brain teaser that requires fast reaction and strategic thinking.

Easy to play:
• Tap three or more stars of the same color to score.
• UFOs can be destroyed by popping stars from directly below.
• Don't let UFOs and stars reaching the top.

Laser gun:
• Tap on the laser gun for super power in case of emergency.
• Laser gun can be charged up by valid moves.

• Play your own music while gaming.
• Autosave when the game is interrupted.

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